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Lewerentz. A Masterpiece. A beautiful architectural book that gives the answers to questions about the internationally renowned architect Sigurd Lewerentz and the Grönlandet building (former National Insurance Institution).

The authors of the book: Fredric Bedoire, Kerstin Wickman, Vicki Wenander and Ewa Glennow provide different perspectives to the house and take us on a journey from the first sketches 1928 until today 2017 when the building was once again opened as a modern office. A richly illustrated book with many sketches and pictures from, among others, the ArkDes Lewerentz collection, the National Archives, the Nordic Museum and newly created photographs by photographer Jonas Lindström. Foreword by Wilfried Wang, Architect and Lewerentz expert.

The book is published by Bokförlaget Langenskiöld

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English version
Title: Lewerentz. A Masterpiece.
ISBN 978-91-88439-16-1

Swedish version
Title: Lewerentz. Ett mästerverk.
ISBN 978-91-88439-05-5

Genre: Architecture
Authors: Fredric Bedoire, Kerstin Wickman, Vicki Wenander, Ewa Glennow. Foreword by Wilfried Wang
Photo: Jonas Lindström
Hardcover, illustrated
Format 26 x 34 cm
About 230 pages
Designer: Caroline Karlstrom
Original: Petter Dubvig / Henrik Nygren Design
Issued: September 2017